dec2020newsHello everyone! Just wanted to take the opportunity to wish anyone who sees this a very warm, peaceful and happy Christmas! It has been such a difficult and often bizarre year for so many of us, with any resemblance of ‘normal’ life being put on hold for what seems like a very long time.

However, we have often found new ways of supporting each other, and continuing to have meaningful contact with friends, colleagues, and family despite all the restrictions. I for one have learnt how to Zoom (!), and so been able to take part in online sessions with my photography club. I have also enjoyed honing in on places nearer to home in order to continue getting out and about with my camera, and indeed found I was taking much more notice of the nuances of the changing seasons and appreciating their often apparent understated beauty. Some of these images have already been added to several of the galleries on the site, with more to come into 2021!

The picture above was taken last winter at Bishop Burton, a nearby village.

Keep safe everyone and let’s hope 2021 is will prove to be a much better year for us all!


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