Bridlington Winter

Wintry conditions can sometimes present us with unexpected opportunities and unusual vistas at the coast. In recent weeks I have had to travel up and down to Scarborough for work on a number of occasions. Needless to say I have kept my eye on the weather conditions and tides, with my camera close to hand.

Bridlington winter beach 1

Scarborough winter beachOn one occasion, after battling my way through snowy roads on the way up to a meeting, I was somewhat disappointed when a couple of hours later, still sitting in the meeting, the sun came out and quickly began to melt all trace. By the time I was on my way home, I thought the opportunity for some potentially interesting shots had passed, but on a quick call into Bridlington I was delighted to find there was still a significant band of snow on the beach. With beautiful blue skies and interesting clouds, it was a chance to capture some different kinds of images. A few walkers who had begun to venture out in the cold north sea air added further interest.

Winter and early spring can also bring wonderfully turbulent high tides. These can be problematic for the photographer, of course – freezing fingers, high winds and the unpredictability of crashing waves against sea walls. I fell foul of all of this one day in January when watching the incoming tide at Scarborough’s North Bay. Whilst my attention was focused on the waves crashing below the castle, another wave crept up behind and unceremoniously drenched me, my camera, open camera bag and all! Needless to say I have learnt from the experience and been severely reprimanded by some of my fellow camera club members - salt water is not a friend of camera equipment! I managed to get a couple of shots though before retreating to the car to dry out!

Scarborough winter waves



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