dec2020newsHello everyone! Just wanted to take the opportunity to wish anyone who sees this a very warm, peaceful and happy Christmas! It has been such a difficult and often bizarre year for so many of us, with any resemblance of ‘normal’ life being put on hold for what seems like a very long time.

However, we have often found new ways of supporting each other, and continuing to have meaningful contact with friends, colleagues, and family despite all the restrictions. I for one have learnt how to Zoom (!), and so been able to take part in online sessions with my photography club. I have also enjoyed honing in on places nearer to home in order to continue getting out and about with my camera, and indeed found I was taking much more notice of the nuances of the changing seasons and appreciating their often apparent understated beauty. Some of these images have already been added to several of the galleries on the site, with more to come into 2021!

The picture above was taken last winter at Bishop Burton, a nearby village.

Keep safe everyone and let’s hope 2021 is will prove to be a much better year for us all!


Hello everyone out there! I hope the self-isolation and lockdown is not proving too harsh for you. Like everyone else I have some productive times, catching up on housework, gardening, re-connecting with friends, etc., but then times when one feels more overwhelmed and wondering how this will all pan out.

Unfortunately, due to a problem with my camera for several months, I didn’t manage to get out much at all prior to the New Year; then corona virus took over, with planned trips for the spring and summer being cancelled. So…. an excellent opportunity to do a little updating to my website! I have included a number of new images from my trip to Iceland last year, and you will find these in the Landscape Gallery, with a couple of new ones on the Home Page too. What a stunningly beautiful country it is! My future aims are to get to Greenland and/or the Lofoten Islands if at all possible in the next couple of years (watch BBC I Player to catch up on the wonderful series ‘Twin’, which is set in Lofoten!).

In the meantime, let’s all stay safe and enjoy all the beautiful nature we can find closer to home……



Once again I find I have been very lax in updating on what has been going on, and now Christmas will be on us again in a few weeks time!!

My main news is that I went on a trip to Iceland this summer on a photography workshop! It had been on my bucket list for several years, and I so enjoyed the opportunity to see this beautiful, diverse country! Highlights were the south coast with its ice beaches and glacial lagoons, as well as the unexpected and strange landscape of the interior – only accessible for a couple of months in the summer. I have now included a few images from my trip on the website. Hope you like them!

The VPS club’s annual exhibition at the beginning of October was again well attended with a very wide range of images. This year the exhibition moved straight on to another village hall, so we gained even more exposure for members’ work.

In the next few weeks I will be doing craft fairs at Langlands Garden Centre for 2 days on 9th/10th November, and then at Beverley Grammar School on 17th Nov 11.00am – 3.00pm. If you are in the area please do come and say ‘hello’!

Once again time has flown by and it is time for the annual 3 day exhibition from the Viewfinder Photographic Society (VPS). This is the club I have been a member of for a long time, and the exhibition is always received very enthusiastically from our ever growing number of visitors! There will be a very diverse range of photography to enjoy, and you can get a cup of tea or coffee to refresh you along the way! I will be there all weekend with some of my cards and mounted prints for sale, as will some other photographers from the club. Do drop by if you are anywhere in the region of Skidby Village Hall, East Yorkshire, and please come and say ‘hello’!

The details are on the flyer below….



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